Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tutorial: Glam Purple Smokey Eyes

One of my favorite eye shadow palettes as of the moment is the Sleek i-Divine mineral based eye shadow palette in "OH SO SPECIAL". I got this palette from a store called "The Updated Trends" in a bazaar. It has a lot of great shadows that you can use for daytime and night time. You can create a variety of wearable looks with these as well. Also, it's very pigmented, which I really really like! :) 
I used some of the colors in this palette for my PURPLE smokey eyes along with other products to complete the look. If you want to learn how to recreate this look, I can help you through this step-by-step tutorial. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to comment below! :) Enjoy!

1. Prime your lids to prevent creasing and to make your eye shadow last. It's important to prime your eyelids if they tend to oil up during the day. I used Urban Decay E/S Primer Potion (Original).

2. Roughly apply a black creamy base on your lid. Start from the lash line going up (but not too high). Btw, in this step you don't have to be neat! You can use either a pencil or a cream shadow. I used Nichido's Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx.  

 3. Using a fluffy blending brush of your choice (I used MAC 217), gently blend the creamy base upwards. Use a windshield wiper motion to blend.

4. With a crease brush, get a medium matte brown shade and apply on your crease to add warmth to your smokey eyes. I mixed 2 shades of brown from the Sleek palette to get the shade I wanted (The Mail and Boxed). You can also use 'Buck' from the Naked palette or any matte bronzer/contour powder as well.

5. Pat a matte black eye shadow (Noir) on the area where you applied your cream base. Again, begin with your lash line going up. Make sure you use a patting motion to really pack the color onto your lids.

6. Highlight your brow bone area with another matte shadow (Bow) that's close to your skin tone. Blend it with the brown crease shadow.

7. Pack a shimmery purple eye shadow (Celebrate) on the inner 2/3 of your lids

8. Highlight your inner corners with a shimmery pink eye shadow (Organza) to brighten up your eyes. Using your blending brush, blend the 3 colors (pink, purple and black) until you are happy with the color transition. :)

 9. On your lower lash line, smudge the pink, purple and black eye shadows you used (L-R) and blend them to create an ombre effect. Make sure you connect the black eye shadow on your outer corners with the lower lash line. Blend, blend, blend!!!

 10. Clean up any eye shadow fallout with a cotton bud or you can use your foundation or concealer to 'erase' any mistakes. I used the Make Up Factory's Light Reflecting Concealer in #2. 

 11. Line your upper lash line with black liner. You can also line your waterline to intensify the look. Curl your lashes and apply a generous amount of black volumizing mascara. For this I used, Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and Maybelline the Falsies Mascara.
       *You can also add false lashes to your look to add drama. :))

Here's the finished look:


'Til the next tutorial! :) XOXO!! :*


  1. love it dianne :) you made it look easier to put on a smokey eye make up.

  2. SOOOOOOOOO NICE <3 Will try this soon!

    1. Glad you liked it! :) Sige, update me lang if nahirapan ka or what. :)) Always happy to help!:D