Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Makeup Tip Tuesday: Mascara FAIL Quick Fix

No. Just. NO.
You are applying your makeup and you are done doing your foundation and your eye shadow. You admire yourself for doing such a good job with your eyes and face. Now you apply mascara like you normally would. After that, you see a huge black spot either on your nose or your cheek. You get a cotton bud and erase it, but you only made it worse by smudging it more. Right then, when you blinked/closed your eyes, mascara marks are now all over your under-eye area! So, you get your concealer and dabbed it on, but it still won't totally hide it and ruined your flawless foundation application! Therefore, you curse the mascara gods and question why mascara application can be so messy. (Who can relate to this? I can. Haha!) Cleaning up mascara mishaps can be a pain. So today, I'll give you a quick fix for this kind of accident. 

It's important to wait for the mascara smear to dry before you try taking it out. When you clean it up when it's wet, it would tend to spread and smudge more. By drying it first, the mascara will harden and flake, making it easier to remove by using a cotton bud. You can use one that's dry or dipped in moisturizer/makeup remover. Whatever works for you! :)