Monday, July 29, 2013

Makeup Tip Tuesday: Dark Eye Bags Begone!

Most of us are dealing with dark under-eye circles--maybe because of stress, lack of sleep or just genes. And because of this, we may even look older than our real age. People have asked me how to properly conceal the dark circles under their eyes so they will look less tired and more refreshed. Some of them have claimed that even when they put concealer, their eye bags do change color (from dark to light), but would stand out more (look puffy), rather than be hidden. My answer to this is simple. Apply your concealer in a triangular form! :)


Now wait, what? Youth triangles? What are those? Let me explain. The youth triangles of your face are these:

See those two triangles? Those are the areas of the face that we'd like to highlight to look young and fresh. And I swear, by applying this technique, you'll have an instant face lift in no time! :) Here's how we do it:

Get a liquid/creamy concealer (1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone) and apply it from your lower lash line downwards. Continue applying it outwards until you read the outer corner part of your eye.
Blend with your ring finger using a patting/rolling motion (or a sponge if you prefer) and you get this! See the difference between the left and right side?
Now, let's compare this technique to the way we usually apply concealer.
Dot the concealer on your dark circles/eye bags and then blend with your ring finger.

And you get this. Look how the left side of my face sags than the right side!

The youth triangle technique does wonders to your face in minutes! I promise, if this trick is done correctly, your face will be more lifted and appear more glowing and well-rested. Now pack your bags (pun intended), do yourself a favor and give yourself an instant face lift! :)

Technique was done on the right side. I love how that side of my face seems more lifted as opposed to the left side, which appears more tired and baggy.


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