Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Makeup Tip Tuesday: The Eyeliner Flick

Hello, everyone! It's Makeup Tip Tuesday again! :) Today's tip is all about how to do a proper eyeliner flick. Yes, I was once an eyeliner noob too and I just couldn't get that flick right! At times, the flick would go too far or too near the outer corners of my eyes. And when it does, I find that it just looks tacky and it won't really flatter your eyes, which defeats the purpose of lining them. Even until now, there are days when I still can't get it done with just one try. (Depends on the mood and how shaky my hand is. Ha ha!) So today, I'm going to teach you 3 easy ways to properly place that winged out liner on your eye. May the eyeliner noobs unite! JK. :))

1. TAPE TRICK (NOTE: Avoid doing this trick if you have sensitive skin.)

Apply a piece of tape on the back of your hand first (to make it less sticky) before you place it underneath your eye pointing to the end of your brows. Where you place the tape will dictate the wing of your eyeliner. Make sure the tape is pressed against your skin so the liner will not bleed out. You might want to hold off putting on undereye concealer/foundation first, since the tape will just remove it when you take it out. Apply your liner as you usually do and follow the line that the tape created for you. Fill in the winged part and remove the tape. :) It should look something like this:


If you have sensitive skin and opt not to do the tape trick, then this trick is for you! Get an old business card (or any cardboard type of material... I even used old prepaid cards!) and hold it against your eye where you want to create your flick. Follow the card and make a line going up to the end of your brow. Connect the tip of the line to your upper lashes to make a winged look. Here's what it should look like:


Yup, you can make a perfect wing by just following your natural lower lash line! Look to where your lower lash line ends and imagine it extending towards the end of your brow. Trace that imaginary line and that will be your guide. Again, fill in your winged liner by making a triangle, connecting the tip to the liner. And, voila! You'll have a great flick in no time! :)

I hope I helped you make that eyeliner flick! So which tip suits you and your eye shape? :) 

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