Sunday, July 21, 2013

REVIEW: Model in a Bottle Make-up Setting Spray


 I first heard of Model in a Bottle from The Tyra Banks Show a few years back.  I bought it from Suesh in Market! Market! for about P850.00-950.00. This product claims to set your makeup to a translucent matte finish and lets your face and eye makeup to stay in place all day.

I bought the one for "sensitive skin" because I feel that the product might break me out and clog my pores. Better safe than sorry. :)

It is meant to contain over 300 sprays. As seen in the picture, I am already halfway through because I had to transfer the product to a separate atomizer. The packaging for me was a total dud. The spray broke on my third usage! Yes, it does look very feminine and luxurious, but I feel that it compromises the function of the product. The overall feel of the bottle is a bit slippery when you try to spray the product onto your face. It is made of glass, which is a bit too heavy for me when I spray. I dropped it one time while spraying and expected it to break, but fortunately it didn't.

When I used it over my makeup, I was waiting for it to set into a matte finish, but what I got was a dewy finish!

However, my makeup did stay in place all day. It was amazing! My makeup truly held up from 9 to 5. It didn't control the oil on my face though. I had to use my blotting sheets after 2 hours. At the end of the day, my makeup looked like this.

But what threw me off was the smell of the product. When I spray, I always have to hold my breath because I couldn't stand the fragrance of the product! I feel that it has an "alcohol-y" scent. Plus, it stings my eyes sometimes even if I close my eyes upon application. And true enough, it did contain alcohol when I checked the ingredients at the back.
It contains SD Alcohol, which is used to control oil temporarily. But with regular and long term use, it might overproduce the oil that has been removed by the alcohol. Yikes!
Overall, I think it's an awesome product because it really does work. It sets your makeup in place and it still looks as good when you first applied it. But if you have sensitive and acne prone skin, I'd say that you avoid using the product on a regular basis. I would recommend that you use this only if you have to attend a formal event or on nights out, when you wouldn't care to touch up much. Here's my rating for Model in a Bottle:

You can buy Model in Bottle from Suesh outlets.

How about you? Do you use setting sprays too? What was your experience? Feel free to comment below! :)